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This is not only a membership, but also a lasting friendship

To become the golfer you always knew you were destined to be, it's imperative to have an official handicap.

To obtain your handicap, you need to be affiliated to a club and register as a member with the South African Golf Association (SAGA) that regulates all things that is golf in SA. Our club-master will assist you every step of way to obtain the most interactive membership to the biggest sport society in the world!

To be affiliated to a club does not limit you to only playing that club, nor does it have any effect on your handicap.

Kragga Kamma offers the cheapest membership and affiliation rates of any club in the close and extended region. We even offer all-in memberships which means unlimited golf at Kragga Kamma throughout the year!

Click on the Become a Member! image on the left, complete the questions in the mail and send to our club master (address already entered in the application mail)

Please note that it is important to have all questions completed to ensure your membership is processed and your SAGA -card delivered to the correct address.

To download the SAGA/HNA app to your iPhone or Android smartphone, click on Download HNA app on the left. Follow the steps to have it download via Google Playstore/iTunes.

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