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Kragga Kamma Golf Club 


A foreword from our chairman

It is with great pride that we enter our 16th season as Kragga Kamma Golf Club. Our loyal members, supportive sponsors and regular players are the driving force behind our well managed 9-hole course, nestled in the lush green forest next to the prestigious Kragga Kamma Game Park.

Accredited to SAGA - affiliation, our course has been on the up having our details brought up to date with the latest development in golfing GPS equipment and technology, making your game more hands-on on every level.

Being in the water scarce Eastern Cape region, we manage to have our greens and fairways on par with other local prestigious clubs. Kragga Kamma has been referred to by many as one of the most challenging courses in the region.

Our club team, The Musselcrackers, show, live and play the spirit of our values of honesty, integrity and respect towards the game of golf and other players. We have member competitions weekly to have the group going and have been playing club competitions against other clubs in the region.

If you want to unwind, relax and play your hand at the game no one ever came to master, or enjoy a drink or five at our clubhouse with some fellow golfers, come join us and be part of the club that always delivers.


We are Kragga Kamma Golf. 

Quinton Meyer
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